"I would like to start by saying that we are so lucky to have one of the best coaches in Australia, Wei. My son has been attending gymnastics for four years now and he still loves it. He started when he was just 2 1/2 years old, I started him because I had heard that gymnastics was good for coordination, strength, confidence, discipline and also to spend a bit of time with him doing a fun activity. I found all this to be true.  Since starting gymnastics my son has the confidence to try new sports and because of the coordination and strength that he has gained from gymnastics, he finds it easy to learn and also help his school friends learn new sports.  I also find that the discipline helped him settle in at school quite well in regards to sitting down and listening to instructions before moving and having respect for his teachers and coaches and also helping him make new friends where ever he goes. PCYC Auburn has a wonderful gymnastics program lead by Wei. The facilities are great with plenty of room, equipment and friendly staff and coaches who have become a part of our family.  I would recommend PCYC Auburn for gymnastics as a sport for a child or adult of any age its a great place to join. It's never too late to start and have fun while learning some awesome tricks!"  Kylie W Parent

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