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testimonials – from parents

“I would like to start by saying that we are so lucky to have one of the best coaches in Australia, Wei. My son has been attending gymnastics for 4 years now and he still loves it. He started when he was just 2 1/2 years old, I started him because I had heard that gymnastics was good for co-ordination, strength, confidence, discipline and also to spend a bit of time with him doing a fun activity. I found all this to be true. 

 Since starting gymnastics my son has the confidence to try new sports and because of the co-ordination and strength that he has gained from gymnastics he finds it easy to learn and also help his school friends learn new sports. 

I also find that the discipline helped him settle in at school quite well in regards to sitting down and listening to instructions before moving and having respect for his teachers and coaches and also helping him make new friends where ever he goes.

PCYC Auburn has a wonderful gymnastics program lead by Wei. The facilities are great with plenty of room, equipment and friendly staff and coaches who have become a part of our family. 

I would recommend PCYC Auburn for gymnastics as a sport for a child or adult of any age its a great place to join. Its never too late to start and have fun while learning some awesome tricks!”

Kylie W


“My son joined Wei’s competitive tumbling squad at Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club in 2017 and has not looked back since.  I am still amazed by the passion he has for the sport.  Wei has an extraordinary ability to understand each athlete he coaches and to bring out the very best in them.

Not only does he teach the kids gymnastic skills but he also teaches them respect, teamwork and discipline and the results are amazing.”

Robyn D


My son, Michael (5 years old) was training with Wei for almost 2 years in one of the developmental programs. He enjoyed every lesson with Wei. Wei makes the class fun and enjoyable but the kids also learn a lot during their lessons. He is patient, he plays with the kids, he enjoys every second with the boys. And also the knowledge of tumbling he shows is amazing.

 It’s a shame he is leaving us to start his own gym. I will highly recommend Wei as a coach.

 We wish him the very best and will miss him so much.”



“When my son asked to have a go at gymnastics I didn’t think much of it until I took him to try it out.

We were approached by one of the coaches to have my son part of a team they were forming. Saying yes was the best decision we made as my son has anxiety and gymnastics has really brought his confidence to a level we never anticipated.

The gymnastics environment is second to none compared to other sports as we become a family.

The sense of achievement that is on the children’s faces when they are able to complete one of their tasks is priceless.

Gymnastics is much more than people are aware of. It’s about teaching children discipline, balance, following instructions, commitment and being part of a team which are attributes that are needed for their future

We are extremely lucky and grateful to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic coach in Wei to teach our children this amazing sport.”

Gina D


testimonials – from coaches

Sorry, this is a bit long, but it’s hard to write a little for someone so AMAZING!

As a women’s artistic gymnastics coach, I have worked with Wei for the past year and I feel privileged to have worked alongside his enthusiastic and vibrant coaching. Wei is an incredibly talented, natural coach, who is always willing to contribute his creative and innovative coaching methods into any gymnastics discipline in the gym.

Wei is generous in supporting others.  Especially training and mentoring junior staff onto future pathways through Gymnastics New South Wales, whilst creating safe, professional and detailed and fun programs for staff to teach and follow.  He is particularly awesome with the under-five classes, tiny tumblers and tumbling tigers.

With a broad spectrum of knowledge and talents, Wei has run an extremely successful tumbling program, which he took over and built up since the day he began working at Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club.

From any coach’s perspective, you can see that Wei genuinely cares about each child he teaches. He realises that everyone learns and responds differently, encourages each child toward their desired goals, and coaches them to the highest standard so that every individual succeeds at their best potential.

I would highly recommend Wei’s high class coaching to anyone looking into Gymnastics Tumbling and general gymnastics.

Jodie G

Gymnastics WAG Coach

Some Feedback from my team.

“I found this workshop great as Wei Jun Lee was very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and I got some great pointers. He was very animated and you could see he wanted to share his knowledge. Very well presented. I would absolutely attend another one of his workshops.”

 “Incredible, enthusiastic engaging speaker. Would love to have attended more of his workshops had I known what he was like.”

“Would have been great to have a bit more time with him but GV can’t really control air traffic :). I think he did well in explaining differences between WAG and Tumble and why they use different techniques and why some of those techniques could also work for WAG.”

Tom W

Education and Workforce Manager


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