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Members handbook 2019-2020

Please take the time to read through this handbook, as it contains important information regarding everything from our programs and philosophies to our policies and procedures.

At Skybound Gymnastics we have an open door policy. Your feedback is very important to us so please speak to us at any time if you have any questions, concerns or comments so we can do our best to address them.

Once again, thank you for choosing Skybound Gymnastics. We hope you find fulfilment and enjoyment through being a member of our club.

Terms & conditions

Membership Declaration

1. Accuracy: The details set out in this Membership Form are true and correct. If they change I acknowledge that I am required to notify Skybound Gymnastics of the changes in writing as soon as possible after they occur. If the details provided are not true or are misleading I acknowledge my membership may be terminated at the discretion of Skybound Gymnastics.

2. Bound by Rules: I will be bound by the constitutions, regulations, policies, manuals, guidelines and reasonable directions of Skybound Gymnastics, and Gymnastics Australia.

3. Accept Risk of Gymnastics: I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk of danger and injury in Gymnastics.

4. No liability: I will not hold Skybound Gymnastics or their respective officers/employees responsible for any claims, losses and expenses and costs (including legal costs) which may arise from or in connection with my membership and/or participation in any activity authorised or recognised by Skybound Gymnastics or Gymnastics Australia except in the case of gross negligence or a wilful act or omission on the part of Skybound Gymnastics or Gymnastics Australia.

5. Indemnity: I indemnify my Club from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal costs) suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly from, my failure to observe the constitutions, regulations, policies, manuals, guidelines and reasonable directions of my Club.

6. Medical Declaration: I am medically and physically fit and do not suffer from any injury, disease or condition, either physical or mental, that would affect my ability to safely participate in any authorised or recognised activities of Skybound Gymnastics or Gymnastics Australia. If I am unsure about this declaration, or suffer from such a condition I have either listed it on this form or I am aware that I must bring it to the attention of Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia.

7. Privacy: I agree that Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia can collect, hold, use and disclose my personal information as provided on this Form (and any updated or additional personal information Skybound Gymnastics or Gymnastics Australia obtains from me including any photo or other record of my image) for the purposes of:

a. Processing my application for membership including notifying Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia of the information on this form for the purposes of Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia compiling a register of members, compiling a national database of members and participants (accessible only in accordance with the Constitution and Regulations of Gymnastics Australia), and for requesting me to renew if my membership lapses;

b. Putting my name and contact information on Skybound Gymnastics’ membership list for use by Skybound Gymnastics;

c. Publishing any of my Gymnastics results in my Club and/or Gymnastics Australia’s newsletters and on their websites;

d. Selecting and publicly naming competitors and teams to represent my Club and Gymnastics Australia at Gymnastics events;

e. Providing me with information and activities relating to Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia and other Gymnastics matters;

f. Including my photograph or other imagery on Skybound Gymnastics and/or Gymnastics Australia website, in newsletters, annual reports, or similar official publications;

g. Enabling Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia to contact me with information about the products and services of Skybound Gymnastics;

h. Enabling Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia to comply with any statute, regulation, by-law or other regulatory instrument that requires collection or disclosure of personal information;

i. Retaining the information provided on this form if my membership lapses (as an inactive member) for a maximum period of three years for the above purposes; and

j. Any other purpose I agree to in writing.

8. Photography: I grant Skybound Gymnastics the right to take photographs/video of my child whilst participating in classes/activities run by Skybound Gymnastics.

I acknowledge that Skybound Gymnastics will use such images/video for promotional purposes across various media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Skybound Gymnastics website, newsletters (print/online), print collateral etc.

I herby permit Skybound Gymnastics to use said images/video in a lawful manner for the purposes described above.

I understand that my consent can be withdrawn at anytime upon written notice to Skybound Gymnastics. In the case that I have opted-out to “allow photos to be taken” this supersedes any reference to the collection, holding or use of photography or image mentioned in clause 7 Privacy.

9. Use, Security and Access: I understand that my personal information will only be used for the purposes listed in paragraph 7 and in accordance with the Gymnastics Australia Regulations, and that:

a. My personal information will be held securely;

b. I will have access to my personal information under the Privacy Act;

c. My personal information will be corrected upon request.

10. a. Continued Membership: I understand that upon payment of my membership fee(s), if I am accepted to membership, I will become a member of Skybound Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia and that by paying such fee(s) by the due date(s), I will continue to be a member of my Club and Gymnastics Australia for the duration of my Membership as specified on this form and in accordance with the Gymnastics Australia Constitution, unless I resign or my membership is terminated.

b.  Should I wish to terminate my membership with Skybound Gymnastics I will need to provide two weeks notice prior to the date of termination.

11. Interpretation: Every reference to “I” and “my” in this document includes the gymnast and the parent/guardian/caregiver of the gymnast (if applicable).



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